Borderline Eleven

Junior's Cave Music Interview with Borderline Eleven
January 2011 Edition 
Music Now Spotlight

by Isaac Davis Junior, BGS, MBA

Borderline Eleven

We are always thrilled to bring back great music like these guys. Borderline Eleven is a fan favorite of our publication. We just love their Pop Punk sound. In this follow up interview, we discover what the guys been up to and what new materials we have to look forward from Borderline Eleven. Enjoy!

Isaac: Welcome back guys!! The band has been quite busy since we last interviewed you at Junior’s Cave (click here to read our first interview with the band: ).

Isaac: For those readers who did not get an opportunity to check out the first interview three years ago, can you give us a brief history of the band and where the name Borderline Eleven came from? (There a cute history to the band’s origin.)

B11: We started out in November, 2005, after Dan and Joe finished playing freshman football, just wanting to jam for something fun to do in our spare time. We asked Andy to come in on drums and after playing covers for a while realized we needed something else to round out our sound. Andy said his older brother could play guitar, so we asked Luke to join us. After a few sessions, he decided that even as geeky teenagers we were cool enough for him, so he officially signed on. It basically took all of 2006 to figure out who we were and what our music would be like, even releasing our first EP from demo tracks to satisfy fan demand. In 2007, we won our school’s battle of the bands as well as a local battle, and that got us started with serious gigging.

As to the band name, we actually did our first concert in 2006 as "Turning Point", but when we researched the name to make it officially ours, there were too many other bands with the same or similar name, so we had to find something new. After a few weeks of brainstorming, we were sitting at practice one night throwing out more crazy ideas when we laughed about wanting to get so big that we could create our own amps with dials that would go past 10 all the way to… 11. So there it was! On a scale of 1 to 10, we are "Borderline Eleven".

Isaac: What do you think keeps the drive, determination, and heart alive to keep making the music that you guys are creating currently?

B11: It’s the passion to do something you love. When someone tells you that you can’t make it or you aren’t good enough, you can either give up or use that as motivation to push yourself. We think support from fans and family is the motivation that keeps us and any artist going. You just have to love doing the things that you work hard at, and we just have a passion for music.

Isaac: What do you think has been the biggest accomplishment that the band has achieved since we last spoke to you guys three years ago?

Borderline Eleven

B11: Well, as we are still an unknown band, getting booked to play with major artists like ELEVENTYSEVEN, THE FOLD, THE CLASSIC CRIME, EVERYDAY SUNDAY, AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, JOHN REUBEN, BOBBY BISHOP, and RECYCLED PERCUSSION! And of course, signing with the record label to release our debut CD.

Isaac: One of the exciting things that is happening is the releasing of the band’s debut CD this winter. Walk us through the process of what it took to get to this point?

B11: Dan’s mom found a link to the record label online and requested an evaluation of our music. We submitted a rough draft of “Not Coming Back”, and they liked it. We actually didn’t accept the contract on the first go and continued on the path of self-releasing the CD. As the anticipated costs continued to mount and we felt unable to complete the project on our own, we revisited their offer and decided to sign on. It feels like it has been a long, long year working toward completion because there are just so many elements and decisions that go into something like this, not to mention endless forms, but we finally saw our debut CD, “Read Between The Lines”, released nationally on January 4, 2011!!

Isaac: If you had an opportunity to play live anywhere in the world, where would you play at and why?

B11: Hmmm… Europe has definitely always been a place we’d love to play. We think the UK just has such a fascination and diverse music scene, and to play a live show there would be a dream come true! (Mom would love to travel to Australia and get us booked at the Sydney Opera House — it’s a cool venue in a very awesome place!).

Borderline Eleven

Isaac: Where can we access more information about the band, merch, concert dates, and other important stuff?

B11: Our major online profile is which is constantly updated. Fans who want to receive our online newsletter can opt in here also. There is an EPK available at the record label’s site, and it can be viewed here: . Then there’s Facebook, MySpace... heck, just Google us and find us everywhere!

Isaac: List five reasons why you are thankful for the opportunity to be in a band and make music…

B11: Haha, well, we could give you an entire book as to why we’re thankful for the opportunity to produce our own music and perform on stage. Honestly, being able to reach fans with something they can relate to and enjoy is the most rewarding thing we’ve experienced. We’re so thankful for the ability to write music and express ourselves through it and have it as an escape whenever we need it. It’s helped us to meet people we never would have known within the music industry and in everyday life. We’re so grateful every time we step on a stage to perform. There’s nothing like seeing a crowd of people who came to see and hear what you’re about.

Isaac: Final thoughts for Borderline Eleven….

B11: Firstly, thank you, Juniors Cave, for your interest in getting the word out about us to your readers. Your support is awesome! We appreciate the fans that have joined our band family in the first five years and look forward to making new friends and fans in the years to come. We hope that people who purchase the CD will enjoy it and tell many friends about it. The success of this one will determine how soon our sophomore album can come about or if it will at all. Pre-sales are taking place directly with the label at , we have a supply on hand as well for our gigs, and then national distribution of CDs and digital downloads began on January 4, 2011. We wish to thank all who will hold the Sacred Disc of Awesomeness in their hands, furthering its quest for world domination. Word.

Also, we are on iTunes, and Amazon MP3, CDBaby and many, many other places on the WWW. Your readers can get lots of links from our profile at Reverbnation and also .


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