Eldorado: Editor's Pick of the Month

By Isaac Davis Jr., BGS, MBA

I recently was in contact with Natalia Talayero, management team of Eldorado, who set up an interview with the band. César Sánchez, bass player and a founder member of the band, completed the interview questions.  I learned a tremendous amount about the group from this interview.  I also was pleased and excited to feature them on Junior’s Cave Blogs section as soon as I could.  I hope everyone gets the opportunity to check them out and learn more about the musical talents of Eldorado.  

Check out what formulated from this interview.

BAND: Eldorado
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/enbuscadeeldorado
Answering: César Sánchez
Contact: eldorado@dejamedecirte.es

Isaac: Elaborate on how the band was formed.

César Sánchez: Eldorado starts at the beginning of 2007, driven by Nano, the guitar player, and myself, Cesar, the bass player.  We both came from a previous band and we decided to start this adventure with one basic criterion: to do what we like and more important, as we like.  We had a bunch of clear ideas and we start with the composition and looking for the other band’s members.

I think the process is similar in every band, you contact different musicians and transmit them your idea of the band you have until you find the more appropriate people.  The result is a band capable of producing in the studio the album you can listen to and of delivering live music that exceed it.

Isaac: Was there any one band that spoke to your heart so profoundly, you were
inspired to do your own thing as a band?

César Sánchez: Of course yes! I remember when I was a kid and I listened to Zeppelin, Purple and Pink Floyd albums and I imagined myself as they were.  It was a dream that strengthen when I started going out to concerts and I knew I just wanted to do that.

When I was really little I loved the sound of the keyboard in Deep Purple y I told my dad “dad, I would like to learn to play piano”.  He was a humble worker with little economical resources and after a couple of months he showed up with a very bad guitar with which I learned my first chords.  I never thanked him enough for that. Finally, it was the bass that called me as my main instrument, although I keep using the guitar to compose.

Isaac: Which singer/group would you say you would most like to do a duet with?

César Sánchez: If I had to choose a singer with whom I would like to coincide it would be Glenn Hughes, sharing our version of Purple we had in our first album –Mistreated-. But there are other that I would love for other songs as Paul Rogers, Coverdale, Chris Cornell.

Isaac: What singer/songwriter do you most connect with?

César Sánchez: My impossible dream would be to count on Hendrix in some of our themes in our next albums.  How great he was!

Isaac: Out of your entire song collection that you've written thus far, which song(s)
would you say is/are the most personal/meaningful to you?

César Sánchez: In our first album, I would emphasize two songs that have a lot of autobiographical; “El Final” y “Déjame Decirte”.  They present a different approach to personal relationship and they are situations I lived that marked me a lot.

Isaac: Which singers/groups do you enjoy/like from some of today's music genres?

César Sánchez: I like a lot of bands.  From the more classic one now actives, I would say AC DC.  From more current ones, I can tell you a lot, but I would keep Velvet Revolver and a really young band that surprised me a lot with their work, Silvertide.

Isaac: What charities are you involved with or support?

César Sánchez: Mi personal contribution to the society comes from an entrepreneurship initiative that I started outside the music. It is a little company where I am a founder partner where all the employees are handicapped people.  Having a direct contact with these people and seeing how they get involved and content is very gratifying.

Isaac: Have you (or would you ever consider) writing a song about any of today's
particular world issues/problems? If so, what world issue would speak to you the most to write about?

César Sánchez: Yes.  We have done it already.  We are in the middle of the album tour presentation and in parallel we are writing new songs for our next album.  We have a new theme, “Meteoro” that in summary talk about the huge amount of problems in this word and the convenience of starting from scratch with the coming of a meteorite that destroy it all. Trying to do it better to avoid the huge imbalances that exist as well as the lack of interest in the more pressing problems as the hunger and illnesses in a lot of the world.  It is just a utopia, but wouldn’t it be great to have the possibility of this fresh start?  

Isaac: Why should people listen to your music?

César Sánchez: Mainly because of the emotions and sensations they will find out.  Energy, strength, sensitivity, speed and stamina appear when listening to our music.  And sure! Having a great time!   

Isaac: What has been the greatest moment for you as a band thus far in your career?

César Sánchez: We have our best moments thus far in our shows.  Being in front of people that know and like your music, sharing with them a live rock night if the most gratifying sensation.  I also remember a very moving moment when we did the first listening of the raw material in the studio, before the mixing and we look at each other thinking what a huge thing we had just done.

Isaac: How far into the creation of a song do you share any of it with anyone? Who would you play it for? Would it be a chorus, a verse and chorus, or a complete song?

César Sánchez: This band is very organic and works as a big machine.  For the composition we start from a quite basic idea from one of the band members and from this point, we construct among all of us, in the practice room.  That is the reason why Eldorado has a personal sound, because it combines the creativity of four musicians.  In a sense, it could be considered a permanent jam session guided by a solid starting idea.

Isaac: How much do you let others "mess around with" one of your new songs?

César Sánchez: As I just mentioned, our composition style is very open.  I had no problem in having the band members entering in any part of a song and modifying it if the result is better.  That happens actually! That work dynamic proved to be a very good one, just one point to make it work: no big egos in the group!

Isaac: Do you have to be a tortured soul to be a singer-songwriter?

César Sánchez: I have good and bad moments in my personal history, as everybody, I suppose.  What I can tell is that to write I need a high state of mind, being really sad, happy, excited… It is when the music means more to me; because it is the best way I know to express my emotions.

Isaac: Do you prefer to write music from your own personal experience, life's issues, or a little of both (explain why)?

César Sánchez: A little of everything.  If I have to deal with personal experiences, it is easy to transmit them.  If I write about other things, there is always a lot of personal opinion and feelings involved even if these things have not really happen to me personally.

Isaac: How long does it take you to process your emotions and turn them into songs?

César Sánchez: The process is very short.  If the state of mind if the correct one, the ideas emerge quickly.  In this moment, you need to take the guitar and let them flow.  Although sometimes you don’t have it near and you use whichever method not to let them escape –the mobile phone is very useful to records things! haha!

Isaac: The best piece of advice you actually followed?

César Sánchez: “In the music, less is more”. It is a piece of advice for every musician and I have it when I was starting.  Thank you! It comes to say that every musician has to take his correct place in the songs and not because playing plenty of notes you will be transmitting more emotion. There are expert in this concept, as for example ACDC, who create what look like simple themes, being real masterpieces. This advice is really useful.

Isaac: Give Shutouts to your family and friends.

César Sánchez: Both my family and friends have supported me from the beginning, so I just have thankful words to them.

Isaac: Last but certainly not least, what are you working on, now?

César Sánchez: We are focused in the album tour presentation, we are really enjoying although it requires a lot of effort.  Also, we are a very creative and hard workers teams and we keep on composing new songs.  It is very interesting including these new songs in our gigs to test which ones are the more appreciated.  In a sense, that will help us choosing next album repertoire.
By the way, we are really eager to come to your country, that is the rock birthplace and show what we have inside.

Special Thanks to:

Natalia Talayero
skype: natalia_talayero
+34 630955898
+34 913563254


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